Plans and permits

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The school location should be convenient to the student population in a manner that minimizes busing and provides student, parent, and community controlled safe pedestrian and vehicle access to the school.
Site the school on adequate area of land in a primarily residential area.
Special Education demographics may impact the size/design of school.
Accommodate the enumerated number of student population dictated by CMP’s Utilization Study/ Projections.
Meet specific program area requirements:
❖ Meet specific educational, instructional, and functional needs of specified activities.
❖ Provide a pleasant environment for students, teachers, and staff and be a positive addition to the community.
❖ Provide a safe environment that promotes learning opportunities in accordance with relevant codes and ordinances.
❖ Allow for team teaching options in part of each group of classrooms. (Use of extra wide double doors has worked well in many schools.)
❖ Restrooms distributed to be convenient to students and staff.
❖ Courtyard(s)/outdoor learning spaces that can be used for educational purposes.

❖ Be designed for cost effective operation and maintenance.
❖ Be adaptable as center for community use and education, fine arts education, and/or before and after-school programs.
❖ Provide opportunities to adjust to programmatic (instructional and community) and technological changes
❖ Locate common-use facilities (media center, cafeteria/kitchen, gym, PAC, restrooms) for after-hours use while securing the remainder of the school.
❖ Locate workrooms in convenient proximity to the administration office and staff areas.
❖ Natural light to learning areas.
❖ Separation of noisy from quiet activities.

All our projects includes:

Civil Architecture Structure MEP
Site plan. Floor plan. Soil Report. Mechanical Plan
Utility Detail. Exterior elevation. Foundation plan. Mechanical Schedule
Site Detail. Interior elevation Foundation detail. Mechanical Detail
Storm drainage. General notes. Wall Section. Electrical Plan
SWMP. ADA. Structural frame/Roof. Lightning Plan
Structure general notes. Construction Detail. SWMD. Plumbing Plan.
Plumbing Riser.
Riser Diagram.
Plumbing Detail .