Plans and permits

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Documents, plans, and inspections for residential permits

Residential construction and additions
Most construction requires permits. During the process, you are required to submit permits, plans, documents, pay fees, and coordinate inspections.

Permits required
☉  Permit required: Building Permit.
☉ Commercial permits are required to do any electrical, plumbing, gas, and other types of work.

Required drawings and documents
☉ Have dimensions and be drawn to scale.
☉ Include the verified signature of an independent registered architect/engineer in addition to the required supporting documents.

❖ You may only submit revisions after all plan reviewers have completed their reviews of what was previously submitted.
❖ Submit only the sheets being reviewed.
❖ A revision request must be submitted with each revision.
❖ Narrative – Identify why the review is being made and what is being reviewed.
❖ Provide the case number and project address.
❖ Identify all revisions on the drawings (circle revised areas of the plans).
❖ Comments – attach written response to all comments, including a narrative listing and explaining the revisions.

Contractor Requirements
The contractor must submit the following to receive a permit
❖ State of Florida Contractor’s License
❖ Contractor’s business license
❖ Proof of Workers’ Compensation Insurance
❖ Repair Fund (registered contractors only)
❖ Certificate of Competency (registered contractors only)
❖ Special Power of Attorney (if applicable)

Common reasons for disapproval
❖ Site plan/measurements are not included.
❖ The building permit application is not signed or notarized.
❖ No site plan/statement indicating the location of the air conditioner.

Some our projects includes:

Civil Architecture Structure MEP
Site plan. Floor plan. Soil Report. Mechanical Plan
Utility Detail. Exterior elevation. Foundation plan. Mechanical Schedule
Site Detail. Interior elevation Foundation detail. Mechanical Detail
Storm drainage. General notes. Wall Section. Electrical Plan
SWMP. ADA. Structural frame/Roof. Lightning Plan
Structure general notes. Construction Detail. SWMD. Plumbing Plan.
Plumbing Riser.
Riser Diagram.
Plumbing Detail .