Plans and permits

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When is a Permit Required?

A detached garage or other detached accessory structure requires a Building Permit if it is more than 10 m2 (108 sq. ft.).
A detached accessory structure is one that supports the use of a single-family or two-family dwelling on the same property. Other examples include:
⦿ Carports
⦿ Storage Sheds
⦿ Gazebos
⦿ Workshops, etc.
Application requirements
Zoning and Construction Requirements
⦿ Refer to the Detached Garages & Accessory Structures brochure to learn more about construction, zoning, and electrical requirements for detached accessory structures.
⦿ Refer to the Electrical Installations homeowner guide for more information about the construction, alteration, repair, or extension of any electrical installation that may be required.

A Building Permit

In most cases, a building permit will be required from a building surveyor. A building surveyor will review your building documentation closely before issuing a permit. The documentation required typically includes the engineering of the structure and the site plan, showing the location of the building.

Rather, the need for planning permission depends on the land itself. The specific planning area may mark the need for planning permission, or if there is any planning overlay on the property.
Sometimes planning permission can be avoided if certain requirements are met. These may be, for example, that the shed, garage, carport, porch, or patio be of a certain size, be a certain distance from the property boundary, and even be of a particular color. Although planning permissions can be a great source of frustration, G&B Group LLC. can assist you with the planning permission process to help you through process. We can apply for a permit on your behalf and assist you by providing contacts for arborist reports, surveyors, and more if requested by your local council.

Some our projects includes:

Civil Architecture Structure MEP
Site plan. Floor plan. Soil Report. Mechanical Plan
Utility Detail. Exterior elevation. Foundation plan. Mechanical Schedule
Site Detail. Interior elevation Foundation detail. Mechanical Detail
Storm drainage. General notes. Wall Section. Electrical Plan
SWMP. ADA. Structural frame/Roof. Lightning Plan
Structure general notes. Construction Detail. SWMD. Plumbing Plan.
Plumbing Riser.
Riser Diagram.
Plumbing Detail .