Plans and permits

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Building a commercial kitchen is such a challenge and can be extremely exciting. It demands close attention to detail. Such a project not only involves choosing a design that best suits your vision and needs but as with all businesses, ensuring compliance to a variety of regulatory agency requirements governing a wide range of issues. We can help you build the project that you need!

The commercial kitchen must have at least the following items:

  • multi-plate cooktop.
  • oven/s
  • deep fryer.
  • overhead ventilation
  • sufficient storage.
  • sufficient cleaning space

All our projects includes:

Civil Architecture Structure MEP
Site plan. Floor plan. Soil Report. Mechanical Plan
Utility Detail. Exterior elevation. Foundation plan. Mechanical Schedule
Site Detail. Interior elevation Foundation detail. Mechanical Detail
Storm drainage. General notes. Wall Section. Electrical Plan
SWMP. ADA. Structural frame/Roof. Lightning Plan
Structure general notes. Construction Detail. SWMD. Plumbing Plan.
Plumbing Riser.
Riser Diagram.
Plumbing Detail .