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G&B Group LLC.

​We complete construction documents including site plans, storm drainage structure, mechanical electrical, plumbing engineering, restaurant kitchen design, retail and industrial building, metal building design, AutoCAD, Sketchup, Revit, and BIM drawing.

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Our services

​Facilities engineering

The engineering of facilities consists of the design, planning, calculation of electrical installations, hydraulic installations, sanitary installations, gas installations, ventilation, and air conditioning ​installations, and special installations such as systems for the prevention of fires, cold rooms for refrigeration food.

Residential Architectural

Throughout the time we have developed residential projects, it is a job in which we combine our client wishes and concept of what our client has at home. We mix our experience, technique, technology and knowledge of construction to achieve a good result.

​Structural engineering

Our company offers structural engineering services for all types of structures and materials such as concrete, steel, and wood structures. Adhering to the safety standards and building codes, to perform these services we have state-of-the-art technology, as well as the experience of our structural engineers.

​Space Design

We combined the needs with our technology to create functional spaces for work areas to be more comfortable and safe.

Civil Engineering

We do studies of land measurement levels subdivisions. We also make the necessary engineering for the urbanization of properties such as drinking water, sanitary drainage, and rain drainage.

Commercial Architecture

The needs of our customers to sell products has united us to help our customers to create facilities to offer their products and services.​

About us

We are a company with experience in preparing construction documents.
Since 2001 the office has adopted international standards for our design processes.

In 2006 we incorporated the engineering area into our work developing in structural engineering, civil engineering, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering. Throughout the years we have developed residential and commercial projects. In 2006 we opened our company in the city of Monterrey N.L. The concept of the company is to see the project as a single unit: Architecture and Engineering and not as separate entities to get a complete product.

Where we are now?

We are working in the City of Cancun since 2018 offering services of Architecture and Engineering.